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Vinar Investmend specializes in designing and implementing IT business solutions to support our partners in the digital transformation. Based on our unique position in CEE region – United Kindom, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia – we have been implementing projects for global clients since 2021. Our mission is to deliver high quality IT outsourcing solutions within Central and Eastern Europe to help companies empower their IT organizations.

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Our engineers support your network infrastructure ranging from documenting existing network (IP addressing plans, network diagramming, communication flows), network consultation for deployment of new cloud-based applications, cooperating with external vendors of client, consulting to various network related projects, driving deployment of new LAN/WAN solution, preparing LLDs and network diagrams.

Feature Rich

Vinar provides wide range of technical competences of IT specialists based on defined requirements. Clients enjoy the necessary competences for their projects, we take care of all the rest.

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Let us build the full team for you with proper ramp up plan, competences and project management. We support your project with proper resources and advice on project improvements.

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We build our services around client’s organization and needs. You can leverage from our existing knowledge, quick service ramp up and full service management.

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The quality of Vinar Investment services is recognized by industry leaders and proven by long term cooperation with our partners. We support our clients at all stages of their IT projects.
Rose Mack
Beneficiary and Founder
streamline design

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It’s like building a house. You need foundations, like sturdy server capabilities and robust design. Like an architects plan, we build everything from the bottom up.

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Digital Marketing

Our team of digital marketing strategy consultants specialise in developing evidence-based digital marketing strategies for brands and enterprise scale ecommerce websites..

Web Development

Your customers are the heart of your business. It’s therefore critical that your digital experiences delight your VIP’s, turning them into your fans and brand ambassadors.


We can take care of indexing your content so that your customers can find it.

We can also deliver our search-powered BrowsePages, designed to get your content seen by Google.

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